Workforce Quality Assessment:    Proven,  Quick,  Simple.

Selection: Hire & Promote SMARTER

Avoid the cost, headache and poison of a BAD hire. In a small company even one bad hire can derail your plan for growth or ability to service your customers. Poor quality processes and assesments measure the WRONG things. Science based, proven assessments on the other hand predict and identify JobFit, lower employee turnover, reduce cost of hire and improves morale, engagement and productivity. All of which has a measurable financial result.

Leadership: Get the people data you NEED

The two most significant factors determining workforce quality are JobFit (cognitive, behavioral, motivation) and Leadership quality. Imagine having a roadmap of how to encourage, motivate and develop every team member. Instead of allowing your new managers to struggle consider getting them access to both their team roadmaps and furthering their own development via 360 Feedback and development.


The Quickest, Simplest, Way to Measurably Increase the ROI of Your Team

Is to get access to the best available data to know who to Hire, Train, Promote, Transfer or Fire.


Friendly Online Process
Take at Home or Workplace


Beat the Odds
Flying Blind is EXPENSIVE


Onboard, Coach, Mentor
Get a roadmap to motivation, avoiding unnecessary conflict


Link Workforce Quality to Financial Result
You can't lead or manage what you ineffectively measure

We Deliver the Information Critical To Help You Build and Develop An Excellent Team

YOUR CHOICE: Have us guide and brief you as your "Outsourced Talent Expert";  or  

We'll train your own internal expert.

Assessment Tools that Can Help YOU Achieve Great Things

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+ Revenue/Employee

+ Hire Quality

+ Engagement

- Cost & Time to Hire

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