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trusted workforce  predictive analytics for 40,000+ clients, serving business for over 20 years.

Have you ever hired or promoted someone who looked great on paper and interviewed well but turned out to be a real disappointment?

Are the people you’re working with 100% effective? 100% productive? [Please call us right now if you’ve found that Holy Grail!] Is everyone at 85% or is there a big difference between a producer and a straggler? Are your line managers effectively executing your vision? How is morale and engagement? The best of the best organizations will always have room for improvement.


Question: Is your workforce the best it could be?

Do you know what that potential capacity could be and what the financial and organizational impact this information would have?

Is the output level of your people linked to financial/performance metrics or gave you been using “gut feel”?

Do you know the why behind why some team members fit and others don’t? Why are some prone to conflict, absenteeism or other non-productive work behaviors?

These are the problems that fascinate us and the challenges we want to help you address in a measurable way.

We are experts in workplace behavior, we identify opportunity and provide the means to solve "People" problems.

Our passion is helping businesses and other organizations understand their “Human Capital Inventory” what resources they already have in their workforce and how to best select, promote and employ them for maximum productivity.

We conduct workplace surveys and studies to diagnose problems and identify opportunities to improve your workforce.

If we agree that your organization might be a fit through a brief 14 minute qualification interview, we’ll come back within 2 business days with an offer to conduct a diagnostic study or a demonstration on a 100% guaranteed basis. The goal of this study is to assess the qualities of a portion of your workforce and to learn more about the challenges you face with your Human Capital. With this information we will be able to recommend a "ROI measurable" solution that is customized to your goals, vision and culture. At the end of our initial study, if you aren’t satisfied that our information is business relevant we insist you don’t pay our invoice. More Info about our Process

We are backed by one of the leading global personnel assessment companies

As a partner company of Profiles International Inc,we are able to help businesses and organizations in all 50 states and 10 provinces of the US and Canada. From the 20 employee business to workforces of over 50,000, Profiles solutions are used by over 40,000 clients in 122 countries. Learn more about Profiles here.

Our success is found in giving you the information and tools critical to improving the productivity and quality of your workforce.

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Worst case: you’ll get a couple of new ideas to use with your own internal team or even one of our competitors.

Best case: we work together to make your workforce achieve a new level in performance.

Yours truly,

Drew Meikle, SPHR

President & Founder

OrgCommit, Inc.

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