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trusted workforce  predictive analytics for 40,000+ clients, serving business for over 20 years.

Support your Human Capital as business driver versus overhead:

  • Sales Commit

    From $2,900

  • Typical results increase revenue over 20%

  • Action our recommendations for guaranteed minimum 3:1 return on your investment

  • Provides a coaching manual for the trainable

  • Reduces cost of hire, time to hire, cost of unwanted turnover

  • Easy to implement and quick ramp-up

  • Commit20

    Free to $599/mo.

  • Workforce Productivity Metrics

  • Identify your employee's "productive capacity"

  • Better relate workforce attributes to financial impact

  • Get HR, Operations and Finance on the same page

  • Free Annual, or "for hire" Quarterly or Monthly Reporting

  • C20 Plus

    From $3,400

  • Identify what makes high performers "tick"

  • Improve measurable productivity of your workforce

  • Lower cost per hire and time to hire

  • Easier, more effective workforce management

  • Initial study 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • C20 Leader

    From $5,900

  • the C20 Plus with:

  • Management Leadership and Development Study

  • Identify alignment gaps between middle and senior management

  • Address issues with employee relationship with management

  • "Before and After" approach to your productivity metrics

  • Human Capital Inventory

  • C20 Leader with:

  • Team Analysis

  • Employee Manager Fit Reports

  • Build more effective, productive, engaged teams

  • Link team fit with your productivity metrics