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trusted workforce  predictive analytics for 40,000+ clients, serving business for over 20 years.

We’ve organized our intial process in terms of “days elapsed”; this represents our service delivery capacity. It may be you’ll decide to take more time on your end depending on your situation.


We begin with a 14 minute phone meeting. When you click a booking link it brings up a contact form where you can specify your availability for a phone or web appointment.

We’ll email you an agenda and a confirmation of your booked time.

Here’s what you can expect:

1.  We’ll come to the call prepared to discuss your situation with some basic research and industry information collected so that we don’t waste your time;

2.  We’ll give you a very brief introduction; and we'll

3.  Ask a series of questions designed to determine the kind of diagnostic study that may be appropriate for your goals and needs.

That should bring us to 14 minutes… if you want to ask us further questions at this point we’ll be happy to stay on the line for another 15 minutes at your request.

At the end of our call we’ll set up another time (ideally within 2 business days) for a 30 - 45 minute block.


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DAY 1 or 2

Via webinar, we’ll present our proposal for a diagnostic study taking no longer than 20 minutes. We will allocate an additional 30 minutes on our end in case you have additional questions. If you decide to proceed with the diagnostic study, we’ll ask for an administrative point of contact (POC) for our study (normally someone who is a human resource or organizational development manager at your organization but it could be anyone you wish to designate).

DAY 2 or 3

We contact your POC and make arrangements for the conduct of the study:

We’ll obtain any additional information required for the set-up;

Set up a special secure website for the information collection; and

Provide email templates that your POC can customize to invite the participants or we can invite the participant directly if that is preferred.

DAY 3 or 4

Send the invitations to the study participants and give them a deadline for completion. We recommend 3 to 5 business days but this range can be set between 1 and 90 days.

DAY 5 to 10

We process the results of the study and prepare a presentation; and

We contact you to arrange a time to present the results.

DAY 6 to 15

We present the results in person or via web conference. You decide one of three things:

1.  The study was relevant and the information valuable. Given the results, you’d like to see a proposal on how our productivity process will deliver success for you and your organization across your division or entire workforce. We’ll set up a time to make the presentation to your management team in person at your office. We’ll invoice you for the study and apply a credit toward any future implementation commenced within 60 days.

2.  The study was relevant, the information valuable but you are not interested in proceeding with a solution implementation at this time (or with OrgCommit). You pay for the study only and we’ll keep you informed with Talent Management information, resources and HR continuing education opportunities that you may use with you internal team until such time you invite us to help further.

3.  You determine the study was a waste of your time- we will cancel the study invoice and we have no further contact.


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Types of Studies:

Human Capital Inventory

Workplace Culture Study

Productivity and Team Dynamics

Productivity and Job Fit

Leadership Assessment/Development

Customer Service Alignment

Workplace Engagement



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