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trusted workforce  predictive analytics for 40,000+ clients, serving business for over 20 years.

We've developed a means of measuring the value of your "Human Capital" and "productive capacity".

We've all heard the business adage that: "Our people are our greatest assets". However, where do you put this "asset" on your financial statements?

There is a fundamental disconnect between what we say we value as an asset and how we measure Human Capital in terms of accounting.

Our mission is to get meaningful data about the productivity of your workforce to HR, Operations and Finance, in a way that each find useful and do better work together, on the same page.

With the right information you'll be able to know what's in your "Human Capital Inventory", what the your potential productivity is using your existing team and how a change of just 5 to 10% of your workforce through training, transfer or replacement can lead to a greatly leveraged impact on your customer service level and retention, revenue per employee, and productivity per employee (Earnings/FTE).

In short, access to this information could be a gamechanger for you and your business.


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  Commit20 Productivity: "Leak-Stopper" metrics and map to improvement.
  Success Study: Determine the drivers of productivity for each job position.
  Performance Management and Measurement: Use your current software or ours.
  Human Capital Inventory - Understand the capability, attributes and "productive capacity" of your workforce to increase Profit per Full Time Employee.


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increase revenue

  Sales Optimization Study - paints a clear picture of your producers and your stragglers used for planning, training and hiring.

  SalesCommit - Discover the drivers of success within your workforce, receive a roadmap to coach the coachable, identify the most and least likely to succeed for targeted training, effective hiring, improved close rate and reduced ramp-up time to quota.

Hiring, Selection, Onboarding

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hiring assessments

  SelectCommit powered by ProfilesXT (PXT), we harness the proven results of the PXT in an easily to implement package, with linkage to your performance and financial metrics.

  Retention Solutions: In an environment where than can be difficulty filling positions with the right kind of qualifications the right information can help you reduce expensive unwanted turnover. Best of all this information is usable throughout you selection and onboarding processes.

  Applicant Tracking: Our solutions work with your exisiting applicant tracking software or you may purchase ours if it is a better fit in terms of cost and ease of use.

Talent Management and Strategic Workforce Planning

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talent management solutions

  Included in Commit20 and the Human Capital Inventory). Our emphasis is on measurable productivity. The productivity attributes drive the "plan" not the other way around. Planning without using the hidden workforce data available is like driving in the fog. You can do it- but not safely at any speed. Find out what info you have available but have been ignoring... and the cost of ignoring it.

  If you qualify, our basic Commit20 product is free.

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