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trusted workforce  predictive analytics for 40,000+ clients, serving business for over 20 years.

Depending on your existing processes and the composition of your current workforce you may not even need our service.

We give you our commitment and our word of honor that we will not sell, recommend or implement any solution that does not offer the high probability of substantial return on your investment.

Our minimum guideline is the projected revenue increased and costs lowered must be at least 3 times our cost of implementation. With the goal of achieving a return of 8 to 12 times your investment with us within one year of following the recommendations to address your productivity leaks.



Can We Help You and Your Organization?


Consider this: In your company, think of a specific department and job position (sales, customer service, widget benders, etc.). Think of a "hoisted-in", competent, all-star employee in that position. What makes them great in your judgement?

Now consider again the same job role and department and think of someone you consider to be a straggler or slacker. Are there any? How many slackers does it take to do the work or generate the value of one of your stars?

Think about it- if there was enough difference in quality/productivity between a "star" and a "straggler" for you to be able to distinguish then just now, the chances are the "star" is at least 20% more productive perhaps up to 300% more productive(i.e. one star does the work of 3 slackers).

If it's truly the case that a high performer generates more than 20% MORE productivity than a straggler- then you hire us TODAY. It costs you nothing for us to look at the situation a bit closer and if we can help you deliver a more effective, productive workforce than we'll both be important parts of the story of how your company or organization achieved the next level under your leadership and action.

Below, we've provided links to a number of simple ROI calculators to explore further. We have a more detailed system available after we meet with a prospective client and get the information necessary to generate a more grounded ROI calculation. In particular, you'll find our sales production analysis very useful and it's included in the cost of an initial "no-risk" study.





Sales Productivity


Cost of Hire


Costs of Unwanted Turnover (Retention vs Unwanted Turnover)


Employee Engagement (Effect on Workforce Productivity)




The mediocre defer- Leaders execute.



Contact Us Today and we'll help you find and stop the hidden Leaks (costing up to 25% of your payroll budget)!



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Learn how assessments can help you execute your Strategic Plan and how to choose a consultant.

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