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trusted workforce  predictive analytics for 40,000+ clients, serving business for over 20 years.

Before making an investment, it is important to know that you are purchasing a service and toolset that performs how it says it will perform. Our assessments are tested through multiple statistical measures that ensure we meet the required scientific measures with our instruments. We meet or exceed every HR and Industrial/Organizational Psychology “best practice” and standard. Our regular validity and reliability testing ensures our clients that our assessments are accurate, consistent and reliable.

Trusted Validity

Validity is the extent to which an assessment measures what it intends to measure. There are serious organizational and legal issues tied to the validity of an assessment. Organizations and business leaders who make decisions in accordance with the results from an invalid assessment could face serious financial consequences. OrgCommit utilizes the assessment suite of Profiles International with a full-time staff of psychologists and psychometricians who conduct ongoing research to ensure that our assessments exceed all employment assessment guidelines. Profiles’ assessments exceed the thirteen requirements set by the U.S. Department of Labor for assessments and meet all US and Canadian legal requirements. The validity process involves a thorough analysis and testing of each item in each assessment. We ensure that our instruments are measurable, objective and relevant to success on the job.

Guaranteed Reliability

Reliability refers to the consistency of test items as selected by test-takers as well as the scores obtained when re-tested with the same assessment on different occasions. There are different types of reliability analysis, but all are concerned with a degree of consistency. The first reliability test measures the consistency of individual test questions. The second reliability test compares the consistency of the test as a whole. Our instruments meet all of the scientific recommendations for reliability based upon these two tests and other statistical analyses. Our assessments can be used with confidence by businesses all over the world due to the strict guidelines placed on the reliability of the assessments. Executives can invest with confidence knowing that our reports are based on updated measures and statistically valid and reliable scales.

Predicting Success

The OrgCommit approach to Human Capital is based on two guiding principles:

  1. 1. If you cannot measure it- it is very difficult to manage or lead; and
  2. 2. Deal with real data, not fluff.

Traditional hiring or promotion selection methods both suffer from the effects of human bias and/or a fuzzy understanding of the difference between a high performer and an average one.

We study existing performers in your company and are able to identify others that share the same key attributes of success.

Better job fit means higher productivity, reduced turnover and normally higher engagement. In addition to predicting the right “stuff” of a successful employee our software can generate coaching information, team fit, manager-employee fit, identify training opportunities/feasibility Ultimately the only reliability or validity that matters to a business leader is “does this work” and how do I measure it. To that end if your current assessment system isn’t linked to performance measures- your provider isn’t doing their job.

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