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trusted workforce  predictive analytics for 40,000+ clients, serving business for over 20 years.

We understand that the best talent solution in the world is useless without an effective implementation, training process and service support.

1. Diagnostic and Discovery

Using the direction from our previous communication with you, we study a sample of your workforce to demonstrate our business relevance to you on a zero-risk, guaranteed basis.


2. Understanding: Your Objectives/Culture and Our Solutions

 We build and confirm our understanding of your business goals and objectives. You define what “success” looks like for the implementation.

 We will help you select the right combination of processes, assessments and services to achieve measurable success. In some cases, this involves work with you to design pilot projects to validate your needs prior to a full roll-out.

 Once your organization selects the metrics and assessments engineered to help you achieve your goals, we work with you to help your team fully understand the assessments, how to use them, and how they fit with your objectives.


3. Guidance and Implementation Planning

Your Human Capital Advisor (HCA) will help you establish a systematic, customized plan for the implementation of your assessments. Your HCA will create a detailed implementation schedule that shows:

The steps you will need to take to achieve your desired objectives; and

Help you identify key stakeholders such as business unit leaders, hiring managers and perhaps the IT department and prepare you to secure their commitment.

We will prepare you for your journey, provide you with best practices, processes and tools, and be with you every step of the way to ensure you succeed.


4. Training your people to use the system and interpret assessment reports

Training is essential to realizing the most value from your assessment investment. Different stakeholders in your organization have different learning needs. For example, HR may be the process owner and system administrator, your managers will use the assessment output to select, organize and motivate their people, and your executive team may be interested in measuring your return on investment.

We offer in-person, on-demand and live webinar training solutions. All required training is available free of additional charge. If you have in-house HR or OD expertise in assessments we can provide optional advanced training or you may continue to use our client service team. Since our solutions are already designed with business leaders in mind, even advanced training is short and inexpensive.


5. Measuring Your Results and Refining Your Processes and Performance Models.

The primary objective of our client service is a focus on the business result. Our clients understand the value of our solutions by linking each process to their actual business outcomes. Before you implement an OrgCommit solution we ensure we understand the concrete goalsyou want to achieve.

For example, if you want to increase workforce productivity we’re going to make sure we understand what you mean by that- how is it measured? How we will we know what success looks like? We have plenty of suggestions, but in the end the metrics that matter the most are your business outcomes.

We’ll ensure that we collect and evaluate key data to prove return on your investment and impact on your bottom line.

Our Assessment Performance Review (APR) process provides you with an in-depth analysis of how your assessment process is working to attain your organization’s specific objectives. We also help you build, validate, and refine job performance models that you may use to match candidates for selection, promotion, transfer or targeted training.


6. Applying insights from your assessments to improve organizational performance.

One of the most valuable contributions an OrgCommit implementation provides is the Human Capital Inventory”. Assessments yield a tremendous amount of information about your workforce, but information alone isn’t what drives results in your organization.

We work with your Human Resource and Organizational Development professionals to identify gaps, problems and opportunities with your existing workforce and help you to address them with action plans to drive real performance. We take significant administrative burden from your HR and development folks and free them up to focus strategically.



An Excellent Return on Investment

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